Taylee LewisHead of Asia & Pacific Division


Head of Asia & Pacific Division

Government and Corporate affairs consultant specialised in the Australian market, assisting clients navigate the Australian regulatory system and providing market entrance strategies.

Advisor on a range of public and corporate affairs issues such as sensitive mergers and acquisitions in the Asia Pacific as well as corporate reputation management, issues and crisis management, media relations and litigation support services.

Leads management seminars and drills on a variety of corporate scenarios for European companies.

Formerly employed by a leading global, Washington DC based advocacy agency in Sydney, servicing Global Fortune 500 Companies, Multinationals, and NFPs.

Experienced with industries including finance, e-commerce and logistics, telecommunications, pharmaceuticals and global security.

Past experience extends to journalism, having held positions as a finance reporter for leading Australian investment publications.

Also engaged as a Senior Associate at Cornerstone Group, an Australian advocacy firm headed by former Government Ministers, she can provide access to a network of professional experts.

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