Opening of new markets

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The process of internationalization is complex and companies often decide to hire an Export Manager in outsourcing to develop and manage the export process within a specific time-frame and with a pilot project, with own resources or through business networks, TEM, BEM and vouchers for internationalisation.

For large companies, Lest proposes a highly structured method that codifies the global export vision, identifying the critical points that commonly lead to a slowdown or a failure in internationalization processes.

The Lest Export method provides an export manager ‘operating’ on the market constantly supported in Italy and abroad by professionals (lawyers, internationalist accountants, international tax consultants) all selected by Lest srl

In the economic and strategic steps such as: search for an agent, distributor, representative office and finally joint venture or trading, the export manager is supported by legal advisors to prevent the problems of companies operating in international trade such as:

  • the protection of intellectual and industrial property;
  • registration of trademarks and international patents;
  • international taxation with tax issues, corporate law and international law and / or foreign certifications with the related bureaucracy in the target language.

The opening of representative offices, branches, subsidiaries with assistance in the processes of production relocation and the search for commercial Partners will be completed with assistance in the formulation of documents and customs certificates, in case of choice of local shipper, to avoid setbacks due to the need to translate documents and certifications such as Certificates of Origin etc.

Lest is a recognized consultant of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Tokyo.

Knowing the updated supranational regulations as well as the simple regulations and customs in force in the recipient country is of utmost importance for those who want to start exporting to a new destination.

Why export to new destinations


This is the most obvious and conclusive advantage. The sales of the company depend both on the size of the market to which it is addressed, and on the competitiveness of the company itself. It seems obvious, but it is not, because the effort to penetrate a new market is not always rewarded with an increase in sales.


Export reduces the dependence on the internal market, allowing the company to overcome the periods of economic recession. Furthermore, operating on multiple geographic markets makes it possible to overcome the crises that should hit individual markets


The experience of the competition on international markets allows companies to build managerial skills and financial resources internally, to compete with foreign competitors on the national market as well.


The experience, skills and resources acquired on foreign markets will be an important competitive advantage for those companies that limit their area of activity to the Italian market.

Our Export Services

Opening of new markets

Lest Export provides an export manager ‘operating’ on the market constantly supported in Italy and abroad by professionals (lawyers, internationalist accountants, international tax consultants) all selected by Lest


Management In Outsourcing

Lest export follows on behalf of companies that are new on a market identified as a target, the opening of such new market, using dedicated professionals, experts in the sector in Italy and abroad.


Translation and Interpreters Service

Lest Group provides commercial support by following the companies from the opening of the markets to language selection, to the presence at Exhibitions and to everything concerning foreign markets.


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