Lest Export

Lest Export

Lest srl specialises in actions towards  internationalisation, helping Companies to export in a profitably ethic way.
The company mission is to assist its customers to open new foreign markets in full respect of professional ethics.

Lest srl invests on the satisfaction of  staff and of clients; all the specialists – lawyers, accountants, tax experts are chosen amongst the top profiled, undoubtedly correct and dedicated to the bettering of the Country’s economy

Export services


Lest is with you when you need foreign partners – agents, importers, distributors or else. We can plan exhibitions and attend, either directly or with your Managers


Lest follows your customers and the markets of competence in your name, with a dedicated phone, setting up a virtual multilingual foreign office at your service, at really interesting costs.


The Lest method provides localization through its own sales office,  with local partners that allow the company to consolidate, supported by a business model suitable for the area.