Lest Method

Lest Method in use

What is meant by “Lest Method”?
The method involves both the Internationalization and Education branches within Lest Group and stems from the etymology of the Greek word itself: ‘search’ + ‘way’: a road that leads to an end.

What is the goal of the Lest Method?

The aim is international expansion.

How do we achieve internationalization through the Lest method?

  • We plan with customers the competitive entry strategy and the resulting measurement criteria, both quantitative and qualitative criteria (importance of the foreign strategy, acquired knowledge of the markets, etc.), and the intensity of the expansion process.
  • Our internationalist accountants will follow the strategy planned by the internationalists, the international commercial arbitration, the analysis of taxation, labor costs, business plan, credit risk management up to the final stage of localization, also through national public or private funds.
  • Our internationalist tax consultant will follow the fiscal framework and create a dedicated budget, assisting you with tax – both during and after the consolidation phase of the project.
  • Our foreign accountant lawyer will be with you in the stages of on-site contractual discussion.
  • The dedicated internationalization consultant with native assistants and area managers will open the new market by selecting agents and importers and will follow you through the various stages of the internationalization process.

Why use it?

For our customers to reduce costs, become competitive and open new markets is no longer a choice but a necessity and obtaining a tangible result on the international market requires strategy and preparation.

We propose the specific Lest Method because ‘having method’ means to trace a path with tests that verify the results: this gives concrete data and at the same time creates trust.

What creates trust in Lest?

All that is measurable creates trust and our method allows us to deal with exports, licenses or partnerships and joint ventures with tangible results as part of the method itself.

Are Lest services payable with funds? Both Lest Languages and Lest Export make use of regional, ministerial and European tenders for language courses, projects for TEM (temporary export manager) and network manager.

All stages and professionals will use certified legal interpreters (see Lest School for Interpreters and Translators) and our native language area managers will manage the presence in the new geographic area chosen, developing relations with local subjects and transferring knowledge to your internal international network for your direct exports (representative office, e-commerce, etc.) or indirect exports (trading company, agent sales network, etc.)

The Lest method also provides a linguistic managerial training. The lack of knowledge of Business English is the weak link of many Italian companies in the autonomous relations with the new potential importers at the end of the Lest assignment.

Lest Languages and the School for Translators Interpreters offer training for the planning of linguistic and logistical support aimed at internationalization, logistics, distribution, sales and marketing.

How can we help?

Need advice? Are you planning to learn a new language? We’re at your service.